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5 Signs That You Are Extremely Compassionate And You Should Think More About Yourself

5 Signs That You Are Extremely Compassionate And You Should Think More About Yourself

Word “kindness” It is becoming increasingly popular and generally means ‘putting oneself in’ other placeThis seemingly simple exercise can help us form personal relationships more fair and balanced.

There are these Concept study in more depth, and that was exactly the case with Search Created by Scholars from Frankfurt School of ManagementIn Germany.

According to researchers, people who care about them the most emotions Others may have psychological damage.

The negative side of empathy

To reach this conclusion, the researchers emotional intelligence tests with a group of 166 menAll university students who have passed exams basicwhich consisted of Recognize feelings Basics, like joy and disgust, in pictures face features.

After that, volunteers had to do this Presentations to a bankwhich was formed by people who were directed to watch sermons with a stern expression in the face. The researchers measured before and after the presentation cortisol levels It is present in the saliva of every college student.

The results showed that the participants more emotionally aware They are also the ones who have Higher levels of cortisolHey stress hormoneafter the show.

Excessive empathy syndrome

The So much sympathy truly emotional damage. Having the ability to be sensitive to a person’s story is normal, but the disorder can also be Patients.

To help you Deal better with feelings About you and the people around you, we separated some of them signals Which indicates that the time has come Focus on you more than the next day. paying off:

  • oscillations humor as a result of the social status of others;
  • directione overprotective in relation to close people;
  • difficulty Recognizing one’s values;
  • will lo Isolation do not suffer the misfortune of others;
  • Difficult to get A productive life at work.

The basis of life, in many ways, is Balance. Being affected by sad situations and helping others is nice, yes, but if it has a negative effect very large percentage In your life, this may be important Seek psychological help.

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