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O Palácio de Buckingham, em Londres

5 facts about life at Buckingham Palace

Cinema, doctor’s office and even ATM – learn more about the secrets of Queen Elizabeth II’s palace

The United Kingdom last week began the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations. Elizabeth II, commemorating the seventy years during which the king held the throne with the most sophisticated of traditional parties.

Although the British royal family attracts attention throughout the year, its members also attract more eyes from the world through their festivities. For this reason, his main home, Buckingham Palace in London, has been the subject of much curiosity.

With that in mind, the team at Aventuras na História have broken down 5 curiosities about the official home of the British monarch.

1. Buckingham cinema

Having a movie theater at home has become a common thing for celebrities. Chloe KardashianAnd the Chrissy Teigen And the Jennifer Lawrence Are some examples of public figures who have this kind of special entertainment in their homes.

However, in the case of Buckingham Palace, the cinema is not even for the British royal family, but for its employees, according to the BBC. Emily Mettles In November of last year, when the site was still under construction.

Front view of Buckingham Palace / Image credit: Getty Images

“Palace workers are changing the floor,” she wrote in The Times. “It seems for a moment that train tracks are falling off.” One employee explained to the reporter that ‘It’s Buckingham Palace cinema. All the people who work here come. It’Judy“Tonight if you want to stay.”

2. The Queen’s Chapel

The huge mansion in the capital of England also contains a chapel belonging to the British royal family, which was eventually destroyed by German bombing in 1940.

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The Queen built the first building win over And by Prince Albert In 1844, it was designed to function as a conservatory. After it was demolished during the conflict, it was moved to the southwest of the Buckingham area.

3. Private medical office

There is also a health service within Buckingham Palace itself – staff from the British royal family’s official residence use the National Health Service (NHS) on site.

There, the Royal Muse Clinic is located, run by a doctor Elizabeth The second d. Timothy Evans. However, nobles usually receive medical treatment privately, and not go to Buckingham Hospital.

4. The Queen’s ‘Secret’ Entry

Another intriguing thing about Buckingham Palace is that in the famous Great White Living Room there is nothing short of a “secret” entrance to the Queen. Elizabeth secondly.

The corridor leads to the British King’s apartments and, according to Hello Magazine, is hidden in disguise as the mirror and wardrobe already in the room. In these enclosed spaces, the king usually prepares before hearings.

5. ATM Palace

In addition to the cinema, chapel and doctor’s office, as well as many other functional objects, the Buckingham Palace area has its own ATM, which is hidden in the basement of the residence.

Getty Images

The existence of the ATM was confirmed by the former head of Coats Bank, Gordon Pell, in 2011, to The Standard, which added that its use is limited to the British royal family.