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5 companies agreed to distribute dividends worth R$ 660 million and JCP to shareholders;  Check it out – Money Times

5 companies agreed to distribute dividends worth R$ 660 million and JCP to shareholders; Check it out – Money Times

The companies agree to payouts worth R$660 million to shareholders (Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil)

Five companies announced approval for distribution earnings that it Interest on equity (JCP) For shareholders. Adding the declared values ​​brings the total amount to R$660 million.

Highlight of the announcement of more than R$ 400 million in JCP by role network (Ourdoor3). Company board of directors Raya Drogassil (Radle3) approved R$91.1 million in the same manner.

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See below for more details on pay:

role network

The company’s advisors approved the distribution of R$416.2 million in the JCP, equivalent to R$0.18463813238 per common share of the company.

The payment will take place on October 27, 2023 and will have a base date of October 16, 2023, with Rede D’Or shares commencing trading outside JCP on October 17, 2023.

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Payment will be made on a net basis, after deducting income tax withheld at source, with the exception of shareholders who are found to be immune or exempt from such taxes.

The declared value will be calculated and deducted from the value of the mandatory profits for the fiscal year 2023.

Raya Drogassil

Raia will pay R$91.1 million into the JCP until May 31, 2024. The repayment date will be determined by management in due course.

The total amount to be paid per share is R$0.053138671 and will not be subject to cash adjustment.

Shareholders with positions on October 4, 2023 will be entitled to the announced job creation program. Effective October 5, 2023, the company’s shares will be traded over-the-counter.

Income tax will be withheld at source. Holders of legal entities who have been found to enjoy immunity or exemption will not be subject to this reservation.


The company agreed to pay approximately R$39.8 million as interim dividends. The total value corresponds to R$0.19632805010 per common share, excluding shares held in treasury.

The declared interim dividend will be paid to those who own Melnick shares on October 4, 2023. The shares will trade ex-dividend as of October 5, 2023 inclusive.

Dividends will be paid through October 17, 2023, without cash restatements, and will be attributable to the mandatory minimum dividend for fiscal year 2023.


The Board of Directors approved the payment of R$11.6 million in JCP, equivalent to R$0.020 for each common and preferred share issued by the Company.

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15% of income tax will be withheld at source, excluding shareholders found to be immune or exempt, resulting in a net value of R$0.017 per share.

Payment will be made on November 14, 2023 to shareholders who hold a position in the company on October 23, 2023.

A minimum mandatory dividend payable to shareholders will be allocated.


The bank will pay R$101.1 million into JCP for the third quarter of 2023. The total amount corresponds to R$0.053507 per share and is subject to withholding income tax at a rate of 15%.

JCP’s net income tax will be allocated at source to mandatory 2023 dividends and will be available to shareholders of the company from October 16, 2023.