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5 apps that take up a lot of storage space on your phone

5 apps that take up a lot of storage space on your phone

You are Applications when downloaded You end up taking up the phone’s internal memory, so if your phone has 4GB, you have 4000MB. In general, the devices significantly increased the space. 64GB models are already more expensive, but the resources also require a lot of hardware to process data.

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Remember that there are indispensable applications, such as search and food or car services and work tools. Therefore, it is hard to imagine what is being deleted and sometimes it makes certain downloads difficult. Until unlimited technology appears in this regard, understand the common applications that require hundreds of megabytes to work.

1- Facebook

The app has 430 MB, but with each update this number ends up going up and the cache for data consumption easily reaches 1 GB. Also, by connecting with Messenger chat and Instagram activities.

2- WhatsApp

It’s not the app itself that ends up taking up a lot of memory, but the amount of files that are shared daily. By permanently deleting cached files, you can reduce this.

3- Pokemon he goes

A mobile game, in order to function, needs to collect a large number of information in real time by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Updates are continuous, and take up space every time they are used.

4- Spotify

The most popular music app of all time offers the option to download tracks to listen to later offline. However, these songs and podcasts end up taking up space.

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5- Google Maps

While useful, which makes address search possible, Google Maps saves routes and maps in an unlimited way. Therefore, the cache becomes full and ends up saturating the phone memory.