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41-year-old virgin looking for a girlfriend who also has no sexual experience

41-year-old virgin looking for a girlfriend who also has no sexual experience

“Hello! I’m Daniel. Yes, this is unusual, but it is true. I would like to tell you my story,” the 41-year-old Australian begins. Daniel Piechnick created a website to help him find a partner with the same level of sexual experience as him, which is nothing. He claims to be a virgin and is looking for a girlfriend.

Since 2016, Daniel has registered on several social media sites to find a partner. Over the past few years, he has launched several web ads that reference his website with the title “One person from Adelaide(One man from Adelaide, in direct translation).

But Daniel’s search for love drew attention because of his demand: the suitor must also be a virgin

It’s been five years since the first searches, but he’s still not so lucky. Although he met “beautiful young women,” he did not find “the right young woman,” he said in an interview with the New York Post.

Daniel stated that he was not able to live sexual experiences in his youth because he spent so much time focusing on other things, such as work. “When I was younger, I spent all my time at work. I didn’t have time with a partner.”

The 41-year-old says he was shocked to discover that his chances of finding someone with the profile he wanted were slim. “What I’ve realized is that nobody really does that,” he said. “It’s very difficult to find someone who has not had a partner, or has not dated before,” he added.

In addition to being romantic and without sexual experience, the ideal person should be, in his opinion, a “brilliant” person who uses his mind for “intellectual conversations”. For him, age is not important.

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On his website, Daniel gives more details on who he’s looking for. “I’m just looking for one of the few people who didn’t go any further. I understand that people go through all kinds of different experiences and all kinds of different circumstances – some very good, some very bad. I’m not in a position to judge anyone. I just I’m looking for someone like me, which is hard to find these days.”