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4 reasons that lead to body bloating

4 reasons that lead to body bloating

You constantly feel a swollen body and do not understand why. We’ve separated some of the main causes of symptoms so you can take better care of your health.

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You cannot have a calm and peaceful life if the individual feels that he is twice as old as he really is. Swelling of the body has many causes, but some of them are quite simple and can be easily reversed. Just remember to always seek medical advice.

Body bloating: discover the reasons that may be the cause

1- Lots of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are found in many of the common foods we consume on a daily basis. The problem is that it can be caused by this uncomfortable feeling of a swollen body. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin your body produces and the more water it accumulates.

2 – Bloating in the body can be a sign of gas

If you don’t usually regulate your diet and eat fast food, especially from Friday to Sunday, know that gas will visit you. Gas buildup is also a common cause of body swelling. Many bacteria in your body like to feed on sugar and unhealthy foods. Their metabolism produces a lot of gases that can accumulate throughout the body, especially in the abdomen.

3- Alcohol also swells

The extra work your body does in metabolizing alcohol causes bloating. Some organs do not function as they should and more gas accumulates. So know that any alcoholic drink can cause bloating.

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4- Lots of salt and a little water

These two factors together are some of the heroes in terms of making the body bloat. The more sodium, the more fluid builds up in the body. The less water, the fewer toxins will be expelled. So the combination of these two factors will cause the body to bloat in any person.

So, know that foods like fried foods and processed products are the enemies of those who want to feel lighter and healthier.