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4 reasons not to trade your Android device for an iPhone

4 reasons not to trade your Android device for an iPhone

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When changing smartphones, there is always a doubt between choosing an Android or iOS device. After all, although they are the two most widely used operating systems in the world, there are significant differences between them. Although there is a certain appreciation for Apple devices, there are also some Reasons not to switch android to iphone🇧🇷 Wanna know what it is?

Check below 4 good reasons not to change Android for iPhone

Google apps do not work well on iOS

If you have an Android device, you probably use a lot of Google tools like Docs, Drive, and Sheets. This is because this system has full integration with Google Apps, which brings a lot of convenience to its users.

However, migrating to iOS can be a bit complicated, because the adaptation of these apps to the iPhone is not very good. Fortunately, it is expected that in the coming years they can become iOS natives.

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Managing notifications is frustrating

With each software update, Apple brings improvements to iOS, but they are still very limited when it comes to device notifications. That’s because this system groups app alerts together, often with multiple banners for the same app.

For this reason, it is not easy at all to manage these notifications, whereas on Android, the user can choose the alerts for each app separately.

Customization is limited

Since it is an open source system, Android has many options for overhauls and customizations, even with a similar look to iOS itself. In addition, Google’s operating system allows adding widgets, changing icons, and even placing them where you like. However, this isn’t possible on the iPhone, which can be frustrating for those who like to keep changing the layout.

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Shopping can be difficult

Although iOS has Apple Pay, some apps or stores do not allow you to use this payment method. This can leave the Apple hardware experience patchy and less practical.

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