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4 Powerful Reasons to Do a Clean

4 Powerful Reasons to Do a Clean

Apps are essential to improve our experience with our mobile phones. There are different models. Sometimes, we end up installing a lot of them which makes the storage occupied without needing to be. Therefore, we have listed four moments so that you know when is the right time to uninstall an app and continue with your cell phone in a fully functional state.

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four times to uninstall some apps

  1. applications that are no longer used

Not all applications need to be used daily. However, when you are not logged in for a long time, it takes up useless space on your phone storage. At some point, if you are not in the habit of uninstalling apps or cleaning up your gallery, your storage will be full and it will require action.

  1. Apps that take up too much space on your phone

Heavy apps, as the name suggests, are the ones that take up the most space on your phone. Moreover, it may lose its due value if the same application can be accessed from the computer, for example. Take a look at your phone’s storage and the space specific devices take up.

  1. If the apk files are cracked

Cracked APK files are modified templates of existing apps for the Android operating system. In other words, they have functions that are not available in the originals. As attractive as they sound, avoid them as much as possible. Recently, the accounts of users who used modified versions of WhatsApp have been banned, even for a short period.

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The second motive is the security of your cell phone. APK files are apps that can be downloaded from a browser and are not subject to the same security process required by app stores. Ideally, even the most popular and widespread among users, they should not be installed on your cell phone.

  1. Applications with functions already integrated into the cell phone

Most mobile phones have a flashlight function. It is a simple function and some people still prefer to resort to apps. In this sense, there is no need to resort to flashlight software if your cell phone already has the function.

In the same vein, before downloading the QR code app, make sure that your camera supports reading technology.