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4 Foods to Increase Vitamin D Levels and Live Healthier

4 Foods to Increase Vitamin D Levels and Live Healthier

Responsible for regulating calcium, magnesium and phosphate levels Vitamin D It has important functions in the body. Deficiency of this component can cause changes in the bones, such as osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children.

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More than that, it is considered a hormone that aids in bone health, working in growth, immunity, muscle, metabolism, and body systems, such as the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

It is produced naturally in the body and is made by exposing the skin to sunlight. However, there foods They are excellent sources of vitamin D. Learn about four of them:

tuna fish

Just 100 grams of food provides the body with 34% of the recommended daily amount of the vitamin. But beware of excess: Tuna contains methylmercury, a mineral that can cause health problems when it builds up in the body.


The only plant source of the compound, mushrooms make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, just like humans do.


An egg yolk contains about 5% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D. This concentration may vary depending on the exposure of the chicken to the sun or the consumption of supplements.


a salmon It is a powerful source of vitamin D, providing about 25% of the recommended daily amount. When the fish come from the wild rather than from farms, the rate is usually higher.

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