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36 Virus Apps You Should Stay Away From Your Phone

36 Virus Apps You Should Stay Away From Your Phone

Taking care of your data in the digital environment is never much, as it seeks to get rid of threats and financial fraud, so technology companies create alerts for you to pay attention to some suspicious tools.

Anyone can be a victim of Attack by a group of hackers with bad intentions. These cybercriminals are looking for different passive ways to create scenarios in which fraud occurs. In this case, they make malicious applications available in the form of unexpected resources, such as calculators, photo-editing programs, and mobile games.

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Google, which is responsible for the Play Store, has reinforced the barrier against these invasions. The team frequently surveys complaints and tracks instability in the system itself. This will happen until they rethink the criteria for developers to enter the App Store, where new features are sent daily.

Companies have been interested in offering more digital security to users

Apple’s iOs, for example, are wiser and don’t accept any solution in its interface. So it avoids part of the attacks, although it is necessary to warn everyone of the importance of reviewing the terms of the imposed terms before downloading. Know the trends and credibility of software downloaded to your device.

See the full list of virus-infected apps that you shouldn’t download on your phone

  1. Photo Editor: Beauty Filter (gb.artfilter.tenvarnist)
  2. Photo Editor: Retouch and Crop (de.nineergysh.quickarttwo)
  3. Photo Editor: Art Filters (gb.painnt.moonlightingnine)
  4. Photo Editor – Design Designer (gb.twentynine.redaktoridea)
  5. Photo Editor & Background Eraser (de.photoground.twentysixshot)
  6. Photo editor and exif (de.xnano.photoexifeditorine)
  7. Photo Editor – Filter Effects (de.hitopgop.sixtyeightgx)
  8. Photo filters and effects (from.sixtyonecollice.cameraroll)
  9. Photo Editor: Blur Image (de.instgang.fiftyggfife)
  10. Photo Editor: Cut and Paste (de.fiftyninecamera.rollredactor)
  11. Emoji keyboard: stickers and GIF (gb.crazykey.sevenboard)
  12. Neon Keyboard Theme (com.neonthemekeyboard.app)
  13. Neon Theme – Android Keyboard (com.androidneonkeyboard.app)
  14. Cashe Cleaner (com.cachecleanereasytool.app)
  15. Fantastic Download (com.fancyanimatedbattery.app)
  16. FastCleaner: Cashe Cleaner (com.fastcleanercashecleaner.app)
  17. Call Themes – Call Themes (com.rockskinthemes.app)
  18. Funny Caller (com.funnycallercustomtheme.app)
  19. CallMe Phone Themes (com.callercallwallpaper.app)
  20. InCall: Contact background (com.mycallcustomcallscrean.app)
  21. MyCall – Call Personalization (com.mycallcallpersonalization.app)
  22. Caller theme (com.caller.theme.slow)
  23. Caller subject (com.callertheme.firstref)
  24. Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen (com.funnywallpapaerslive.app)
  25. 4K automatic wallpaper changer (de.andromo.ssfiftylivesixcc)
  26. NewScrean: 4D Wallpapers (com.newscrean4dwallpapers.app)
  27. Backgrounds and Backgrounds (de.stockeighty.onewallpapers)
  28. Notes – Reminders and Lists (com.notesreminderslists.app)
  29. 4K Professional Camera
  30. Online chat
  31. heart emoji stickers
  32. Idea – Photo Animation Effect
  34. Water Reminder – Tracker & Remind
  35. Yoga – from beginner to advanced
  36. YouToon – AI animation effect

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