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3 Trivia about the actress;  Princess Leia's hairstyle, family of artists and more [LISTA] Rolling rock

3 Trivia about the actress; Princess Leia’s hairstyle, family of artists and more [LISTA] Rolling rock

Carrie Fisher, the immortal Princess Leia from Star Wars, has become a major figure in cinema and will turn 65 on Thursday, 21

Vitoria Campos (supervised by Yolanda Reis) Posted on 10/21/2021 at 7:44 pm

American actress, writer and producer, Carrie Fisher He became a prominent figure in cinema when performing Princess Leia after epic star Wars. If she were alive, the artist would have turned 65 on Thursday, 21 years old.

Next to star WarsAnd Fisher He wrote several novels and participated in the success of other films such as Hana and her sisters(1986), Harry and Sally – Made for each other (1989) and more. At the age of 60, the actress had a heart attack, and died a few days later, on December 27, 2016.

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Think of the path Carrie FisherCheck out the facts about the actress’ career and personal life:

Fisher hated Princess Leia’s hairstyle

Hairstyle Princess Leia It always caught the public’s attention and became one of its brands – but Carrie Fisher I hated the character’s hair. according to BBCFrom the UK, the actress did not like the hairstyle, as it took more than two hours to finish and left it very hot.

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fixed actress scripts

Fisher He was a great writer, and as a result, he was often called upon to read and “fix” movie scripts. The actress rewrote some parts of Hook – The Return of Captain Hook (1991) and collaborated on screenwriting for Habit change(1992).

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He is part of the family of artists

The actress was born among artists. Fisher she was a daughter Eddie Fisher, the famous singer in the fifties, and from Debbie Reynolds, a well-known actress in important movie films, such as singing in the rain (1952).

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your daughter too Billy Lord He also chose an artistic profession. Translator Chanel in a Queens screamand lieutenant Connex in a star Wars.