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3.2 million accounts forgot to have more than 100 BRL

3.2 million accounts forgot to have more than 100 BRL

Did you know that there are about 3.2 million accounts in the value system to receive You have just over 100 BRL to withdraw. However, 43% of these accounts are worth between 0.00 and 1 BRL. However, 1,370 of these accounts have more than R$100,000 to receive. Last Friday, April 1, the central bank announced only two people saved More than one million Brazilian reals each.

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Check out the tracks below:

  • Between 10 thousand Brazilian riyals and 100 thousand Brazilian riyals – 36.5 thousand cases (876.5 million Brazilian reais)
  • Between a thousand Brazilian reais and 10 thousand Brazilian reais – 366.8 thousand cases (982.4 million Brazilian reais)
  • Between R$100 to R$1,000 – R$2.8 million (R$858.5 million)
  • Between $10 and R$100 – 6.7 million cases (R$266.6 million)
  • Between R$1 and R$10m – 8.8 million cases (36.8 million R$)

Stay tuned for the dates for the forgotten refund, check it out below.

  • 01/04: 1964-1967
  • 04/02: recap
  • 04/04: 1968-1971
  • 05/04: 1972-1975
  • 04/06: 1976-1979
  • 07/04: 1980-1981
  • 08/04: 1983-1983
  • 04/09: recap
  • 11/04: 1984-1985
  • 12/04: 1986-1988
  • 04/13: 1989-1992
  • 04/14: 1993-1997
  • 04/15: 1998 onwards
  • 04/16: Synopsis

Stay in touch, because on April 17 the system will be reworked, so it will only work again on May 2nd, when it will no longer be necessary to make an appointment.
However, the central bank recommends that even if you do not find money for the first time, make an appointment again in May.

How do you know you have dues?

In order to know if you have receivables, you must go to the Central Bank website, with receivables. You will be able to consult and redeem your value, only on this site.

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To check its value, you will need:

  • Individual: CPF and date of birth;
  • Legal entity: CNPJ and opening date.

If you have funds to receive, you will receive a message telling you the date you need to return to the site to request a refund, and you will need conta.gov.br (gold or silver level).

Other situations, such as people who are deceased or having problems creating accounts at the Gold or Silver level, will be dealt with in the next stage of the system.