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20 Tons of Chinese Missile Fall to Earth Tomorrow (9/5) - International

20 Tons of Chinese Missile Fall to Earth Tomorrow (9/5) – International

The missile was launched on April 29 in China (Photo: STR / AFP)

One of the parts Chinese missile Long March CZ-5B To fall or fall On Earth in the next few hours, and still an unknown destination. The rocket was launched on April 29, with the mission to bring the first unit of the new Chinese space station into space, and its first stage is expected to land on Terra Until tomorrow (9). The piece, which is 30 meters high and 20 tons, falls without supervision and foreseeable destination.

The exact location of the re-entry will only be known a few hours before it occurs. “We hope they are in a place where they do not harm anyone,” said United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. “We hope for that in the ocean or in a place like this,” he added. The fall of the missile fragment is monitored by bodies related to aviation security and defense. They at least have knowledge of the orbit they occupy and at what altitude they are.

The Long March CZ-5B missile has a total length of 57 meters. But the cargo compartment, at the “tip” of the missile, is much smaller, about 27 meters and 25 tons. The rest of the missile is separated from the charging compartment once its launch function is complete. After separation, these phases can return to Earth’s orbit.

Every day, small pieces of space debris enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Spatial trash is all of the material that has been in orbit since the beginning of space exploration. Small pieces as they fall trigger friction with the Earth’s atmosphere and they end up burning or disintegrating without worry.

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Larger parts, such as the CZ-5B, may be able to overcome this natural barrier and reach the ground. The aircraft has reinforced liner fuel tanks. It is these massive deposits that can fall into habitable areas and cause massive damage. * With information from the RTP news agency