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16 games, 29 goals and 94 athletes in contention without victory: X-rays for Corinthians banned against Sao Paulo | Corinthians

At the moment of crisis and attempt recovery, the Corinthians He has a classic on Sunday, at Neo Química Arena, that has a perfectly fitting history for it.

The match is valid for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship, which starts at four o’clock in the afternoon (Brasilia time), and it will be the seventeenth meeting between Corinthians and Sao Paulo at Corinthian Stadium. For nine years (since 2014), Timão has defended a huge taboo: there are ten wins and six draws against the opposition. And no defeat.

It will be the majestic first of the 2023 season in Itaquera. In Paulistão, Timão beat the opposition by 2 to 1 and broke the taboo of six years and 11 matches that existed without winning in Morumbi.

Corinthians goals 1 x 1 Sao Paulo in the seventh round of Brazil 2022

Interestingly, the last three meetings ended in draws: 2-2 in Paulistao 2021, 0-0 in Brazil 2021 and a 1-1 draw in Brazil 2022. Addson and Calleri score (remember in the video above).

Many players and coaches passed by on both sides, and the taboos remained. a General Electric It brings an X-ray of the classics between Timão and Tricolor contested in Itaquera.

a Corinthians There were eight technicians in these duels in this period: Fabio Carril in six matches, Tite in three more matches, Wagner Mancini in two matches, Mano Menezes, Jair Ventura, Cristovao Borges, Sylvinho and Vitor Pereira in one match each. Luxembourg will be ninth.

Addson’s goal in Corinthians’ last match against Sao Paulo in Itaquera, in 2022 – Photo: Marcos Riboli

On the São Paulo side, there have been ten coaches. It was Ruggero Ceni, with three, who visited Itaquera the most. After him came Muricy Ramalho, Edgardo Bauza, Diego Aguirre and Coca with two classics each. Finally, Milton Cruz, Fernando Diniz, Mancini and Crespo with one game each. Juan Branda, Crespo’s assistant, ordered one due to Argentina’s Covid-19 case.

Thus, Mancini is the only one who has defended both sides. Dorival Jr. makes his majestic debut there.

In the Corinthians87 different players were used. Goalkeeper and captain Cassio was present for all 16 matches. Right back Wagner played 14 times. He missed a 3-2 win in 2017 and in the last match, a 1-1 draw in 2022. They are the two most frequent players in the classic arena.

São Paulo employed 94 athletes, focusing on Rogério Ceni, who played matches as goalkeeper and coach of the team. By the way, the relay on the tricolor goal catches the eye: there were seven goalkeepers in 16 matches: Denis, Seni, Renan Ribeiro, Seda, Jean, Thiago Volpi and Jandri. Now, it will be Raphael’s turn.

For both teams, striker Luciano and defender Anderson Martins played for both teams.

Cristian scored the sixth goal in Corinthians’ victory over Sao Paulo in 2015 – Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr/AG Corinthians

With ten wins and six draws, Timão scored 29 goals per game, an average of 1.81 per game. Sao Paulo scored 13 points (average of 0.81).

The Itaqueira’s stand-off artillery is the three-goal Paraguayan Ángel Romero (see below the list of scorers and players who participated in the classics in this period).

Corinthians goals 6 x 1 Sao Paulo in the 36th round of the Brazilian Championship

Check out the games:

Who scored goals in the Itaquera derby:

  • Three targets: Romero;
  • Two goals: Fabio Santos, Jadson, Bruno Henrique and Luca.
  • Goal: Guerrero, Elias, Edu Dracina, Christian, Iago, Joe, Gabriel, Rodrigueno, Ralph, Manuel, Gustagol, Danilo Avelar, Wagner Löw, Pedrino, Otero, Luan, Gustavo Mosquito and Edson.

by Sao Paulo

  • They scored: Souza, Edson Silva, Carlinhos, Cueva, Lucas Prato, Gilberto, Wellington Niame, Brenner, Pablo, Anthony, Miranda, Luciano and Calleri.

And a list of all who played Corinthians and Sao Paulo:

  • A goal keeper: Cassio and Matthews Donnelly;
  • aspects: Wagner, Fabio Santos, Owindel, Guilherme Arana, Moises, Sedkley, Carlos Augusto, Danilo Avelar and Lucas Beaton;
  • quarterback: Anderson Martins, Gil, Philippe, Edu Dracina, Iago, Balbuena, Pablo, Pedro Henrique, Henrique, Leo Santos, Manuel, Bruno Mendes, Joao Victor, Jemerson and Raul Gustavo;
  • driving wheels: Ralph, Bruno Henrique, Elias, Christian, Maicon, Willians, Gabriel, Paulo Roberto, Camacho, Mantuan, Thiagoinho, Junior Urso, Richard, Ramiro, Cantelo, Rooney, Xavier and de Queiroz;
  • socks: Renato Augusto, Danilo, Jadson, Rodrigueno, Giovanni Augusto, Marquinhos Gabriel, Guilherme, Mateus Vital, Pedrino, Araus, Sornosa, Otero, Cazares, Luan, Vitino, Adson, Willian and Juliano;
  • Attackers: Malcolm, Guerrero, Luciano, Romero, Emerson Sheik, Mendoza, Luca, Lenkom, Andre, Rildo, Joe, Leo Gaba, Kazim, Clayson, Clayton, Roger, Gustagol, Wagner Love, Boselli, Leo-Natel, Gustavo Mosquito, Kawi, Marquina Gustavo Mantuan and Junior Moraes.

Sao Paulo (94 players)

  • Goalkeepers: Denis, Rogero Ceni, Renan Ribeiro, Sedao, Jean, Thiago Volpi and Jandry;
  • aspects: Oro, Alvaro Pereira, Michel Bastos, Bruno, Reinaldo, Carlinhos, Mina, Caramelo, Junior Tavares, Douglas, Bruno Perez, Igor Vinicius, Juanfran, Wellington and Rafinha;
  • Defenders: Rafael Toloi, Edson Silva, Antonio Carlos, Doria, Maicon, Rodrigo Cayo, Lukau, Eder Militao, Arboleda, Bruno Alves, Anderson Martins, Miranda, Diego Costa and Leo Pele.
  • driving wheels: Denilson, Souza, Thiago Mendes, Hudson, Wesley, Joseli, Petros, Lizero, Willian Farias, Luan, Chi Chi, Rodrigo Nestor and Gabriel Neves;
  • socks: Paulo Henrique Cansu, Kaká, Cueva, Cicero, Tomaz, Nene, Quique, Hernanes, Igor Gomez, Everton Felipe, Vitor Bueno, Daniel Alves, Gabriel Sara, Benitez, Alisson and Patrick;
  • Attackers: Alan Kardec, Luis Fabiano, Osvaldo, Ruggiero, Centurion, Calleri, Kelvin, Yitalo, Gilberto, Luiz Araujo, Lucas Prato, Chavez, Marcinho, Wellington Nemes, Marcos Guilherme, Trelez, Lucas Fernandez, Diego Sousa, Gonzalo Carneiro, Anthony, Pablo , Alexandre Pato, Heleno, Luciano, Galliano, Rigoni and Eder.

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