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1412 Brazilian reals are issued to those who worked with an official contract in 2022

1412 Brazilian reals are issued to those who worked with an official contract in 2022

A new phase of the PIS/PASEP salary bonus payment is about to start, with a budget of R$1.9 billion, a relevant amount that directly affects the financial lives of many Brazilian workers. This phase is crucial, when covering those born in May and June, while meeting the required criteria.

Assistance coordinated by Caixa Economica Federal Through Banco do Brasil, it directly benefits workers and strengthens the local economy. To obtain this benefit, it is necessary to meet specific requirements established by the salary bonus legislation. By meeting these conditions, the worker is guaranteed additional income and financial support in times of need.

Who can get PIS/Pasep in 2024?

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To be eligible for the salary bonus, it is necessary to have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years, since 2019. In addition, the worker must have worked on a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2022 and not have received more than two minimum salaries per month during this period. These criteria are essential in determining who can benefit from the allowance.

Furthermore, the amount of the salary bonus is directly proportional to the length of service in 2022, and is calculated based on the minimum wage in force in 2024 (R$1,421.00). For example, if an individual works for six months, he or she will receive approximately R$710.50, which is half the minimum wage.

Payment distribution

  • 1 month of work: 118.42 Brazilian Reals
  • 2 months of work: 236.83 Brazilian reals
  • 6 months of work: R$ 710.50
  • 12 months of work: R$ 1,421.00 (maximum value)
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How do you check your eligibility for the allowance and verify the amounts?

Workers can check their eligibility for the salary bonus through the digital labor card application, by entering the “Benefits” section after logging in. Alternatively, the Caixa Econômica Federal website offers a specific platform for consultation, where all the necessary information is available.

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For those who prefer to contact by phone, it is possible to contact the Caixa or Alô Trabalho Customer Service Center, where professionals are available to provide detailed information about the salary award. It is essential to be aware of the specific requirements and deadlines so as not to miss the opportunity to obtain this important benefit.

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