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10 Tips They Never Told You, But You Need To Know

Knowing how to get the most out of your technology ensures a more complete experience. This is because of cell phones appleFor example, it has a series of features that can help you with security, productivity, and even device memory management.

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Check out tips that will improve the use of your iPhone:

1- Use different focus modes and schedule them

iPhone Focus Mode is great for organizing your routine and is not affected by notifications and calls at certain times. The procedure helps to increase daily productivity.

Thus, to create focus mode, you just need to access the device settings and click on the “Focus” tab. Then just configure such modes as “Sleep”, “Work”, “Exercise” or “Reading, for example”.

2- Create tape No use of apps

With iPhone, it is possible to create stickers for WhatsApp in a simple way. Living things allow you to copy an image element from your cell phone gallery and automatically create a sticker.

You just need to select the image, hold your finger on the desired item, and then click Copy. Then open WhatsApp and paste the image in the text bar.

3- Create GIFs without apps

In the same way, it is also possible to create animated GIFs. With Live Photos, several photos can be recorded in a sequence that together will form a three-second video clip. In short, it is possible to create a GIF.

To do this, open the device gallery, click on the image and then on the “Live” arrow, and select the “back and forth” option. Finally, your GIF is ready in seconds.

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4- Share specific media with applications

The security feature protects the media saved in the device gallery. The function ensures that the photos or videos that the app can access can be restricted. To use this feature, when you open an app for the first time, you have to tap Select Photos and choose the specific media you want to share using the tool.

5- Update applications automatically

It’s a procedure that simplifies the routine, keeping all the latest versions of the apps installed on your iPhone. Action is important because it can prevent hackersfor example, using vulnerabilities to break into your device.

6- Copy and paste pints instead of saving

The function is perfect for saving cell phone memory! So, instead of taking screenshots, you can simply copy them and send them to a contact, without going through the gallery.

In short, to use the feature, you just need to take a screenshot and then click on the thumbnail in the left corner. Click OK, then Copy and Delete. It will disappear from the device gallery, but it will still be possible to send it in a WhatsApp conversation, for example.

7- Close Safari tabs automatically

For those who open too many tabs in Safari and forget to close them, this feature is a must! This is because it is possible to program so that all pages are closed automatically after the specified time.

To do this, access your iPhone settings and tap on “Safari,” then on “Tabs,” and finally select the “Close tabs” option. Don’t forget to include the desired period (1 day, 1 week, or 1 month).

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8- Get out printing press Or perform actions by touch

Did you know that it is possible to configure gestures to complete actions on iPhone? The resource makes it easy to use the device with just one hand, for example. To access the tool, use the accessibility features found in your cell phone’s settings.

To do this, go to “Accessibility” and then “Touch”. The next step is to scroll down the screen and select the “Play from behind” option. On the next screen, select the actions to be performed by tapping two or three times on the back of the cell phone.

9- Automate or create jobs with abbreviations

You abbreviations (Shortcuts) Ensure the automation of activities such as, for example, sending messages or calculating days to a specified date. In addition to that, the tool also creates custom shortcuts to get the most out of your iPhone apps.
So, to use an existing shortcut, open the Shortcuts app and browse until you find the automation that best fits your routine.

In short, to create a file abbreviationgo to the home page, click on the “+” icon and then on “Add Action”.

10- Delete duplicate photos and videos

It is great for saving cell phone memory. Finally, the feature merges the two arguments to preserve the higher quality and deletes the second image.