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10 movies with Cillian Murphy and Thomas Shelby from “Peaky Blinders”

Killian Murphy Turns 45 this Tuesday (25)! The Irish actor drew attention in Hollywood as the Scarecrow, from Christopher Nolan’s trilogy “Batman”. But, he was with Thomas Shelby, the hero of the story ‘Peaky masks’That the actor has achieved international fame!

++ Peaky Blinders will have a movie after the end of the series, the creator confirms

The series started seven years ago in the UK and became a fever after joining the Netflix catalog! “Peaky Blinders” has proven itself as the blockbuster series for Brazilians in 2020 and gears up to close it in its sixth and final season.

In addition to gangster Thomas Shelby, the actor brings a number of amazing personalities into his career! paying off 10 Amazing Movies With Cillian Murphy In the gallery above.

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