Rain Barrel Demo At This Week’s Farmers Market..

by Free Speech on July 5, 2012

Lodi, WI~

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Never let it be said Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market lacks in optimism!

Head For A Lake........Till Rain Comes Again.....


Long ago on a cold January day, as we were planning market events for 2012, Pam Sheeks, our resident master gardener offered to repeat the rain barrel making demonstration the first Friday in July.  ( You remember rain. . .  it used to fall from the sky and make the soil wet and plants green.)  All members present at the meeting loved the idea remembering from previous years it had been such a hit at the market.

We, of great faith in the future, will be joining Pam on Friday believing if she builds the rain barrel, the rains will follow.

See you at the Lodi market at next to Koltes  at the ‘village green” Friday 2-6.


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