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by wendysoucie on November 9, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Zombie anyone?

You can never be sure what happens at 5 AM in the morning at the top of Main Street. Usually, if you see a large group of people in that area, its likely the crazy, morning bootcamp with a Friday Fun Day workout. I know you have seen them.  Running around town with reflective vests and lights. Sometimes in costumes.  They are not one to pass up a good holiday, especially one like Halloween.


Pushups and running involved

Halloween 2010 -Rake Man

Last year was somewhat of a scavenger hunt. Teams were sent on a scavenger hunt to collect items after, of course, doing doing an excess amount of physical activity before claiming the prize. Last year, you could see some of the results  –  “scary” crows all around the high school!



Pumpkins Everywhere

This year involved pumpkins.

  • Pumpkins Pressess
  • Pumpkin Squats
  • Pumpkin Curls
  • Pumpkin Relays
  • Pumpkin Sprints

That’s right all those things in multiples of 20.

They carried pumpkins up and down the hill.

They did rotations back to back with pumpkin passes.

They ran a relay up and down Main Street with 4 pumpkins – last man first fashion.

The final “cuts” came when they could really take the implements out and begin to carve. First the top – with a sprint up the stairs and back. Next came the guts being emptied – with a sprint down the alley. Then the eyes, with a run around the block. Then the smile – with burpees galore.

Last but not least, they dropped the pumpkins on the totem pole.  Don’t you wish you had joined them?

Pumpkin totem - image by Joe Bainbridge

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