A Ripp-ocrite?

by Free Speech on April 21, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Rep. Keith Ripp of the 47th Assembly District currently supports Gov. Scott Walker’s budget against the futures of kids, the working class, the poor, the handicapped and the elderly. There are many alternatives to heartlessly undercutting the well being of the most vulnerable.

For one, Ripp Family Farms could keep its snout out of the government trough and return the $656,000 dollars it slopped up in taxpayer subsidies over the last 15 years. While 40 percent of farms manage without any USDA assistance, his take is in the top 2 percent of all farms in Wisconsin. (Source: http://farm.ewg.org)

His subsidy would fund a teacher or provide health care for many people in more desperate need.

Given Keith’s stance on the budget, he must explain to the people of the 47th why taxpayers should endlessly underwrite his business interests while he cuts the well being of others. He must get off the public dole or reform his views; No one supports a self-serving hypocrite!

Richard Van Koningsveld, Mazomanie

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