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by Free Speech on January 24, 2009

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by Tori Seaver

Have you ever been outside in the summer and seen a bee buzzing by? When you saw it, did you stay or run away? You should stay and enjoy the bee while it is still here. There are less and less bees ever since they started disappearing about a decade ago.

I think everyone should be aware of this problem because if the bees disappear totally, so will one third of our food production in the United States. Yes, one third of our food comes directly from the work of the honeybees. We would not have any kind of fruit or juice that was natural, because the bees would not be there to pollinate the flowers that create the fruits. Bees play a bigger role in our life than you realize.

Bees account for pollination of roughly one-third of the food crops in the U.S.

Bees account for pollination of roughly one-third of the food crops in the U.S.

If that’s not enough to convince you, another great reason to be aware of this problem and to help prevent it is Haagen-Dazs ice cream is made up of 40% natural bee products. Haagen-Dazs is owned by General Mills. That is why General Mills is a big part of The Bee Research Foundation. Haagen-Dazs donated $250,000 to both the University of California and Pennsylvania University to fund bee colony collapse research.

CCD, more commonly known as Colony Collapse Disorder, affects the European Honeybee, the most commonly seen bee in the United States. Although there have been many smaller regional crisis with bees over the years, this is the first time there has ever been a nationwide crisis that has affected over 24 states. Bee losses on the west coast range from 30-60%, and Beekeepers on the east coast and Texas are losing up to 70%. A loss of 20% in the off-season is considered normal.

Beekeepers don’t know what is causing the disappearance of the bees, but they are testing many theories including over use of pesticides, mites, and genetic enhancements. If you would like to learn more about he disappearing bees and how you can help, log onto

And just remember, every time you bite into an juicy apple or a sweet orange, take the time and realize how much bee work went into making that little piece of fruit.

(Tori Seaver is a 6th grader at Madison Country Day School. Tori’s editorial has been selected for the Yahara Young Writer’s Contest.)

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