April Taylor Commencement Speech

by Free Speech on June 8, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, Wisconsin
by April Taylor

On behalf of the Class of 2009, I would like to extend thank yous to the many teachers who made this all possible. People always say that teachers have the best job ever.  Well they really do, they get to see US everyday.  And what they do for us is always appreciated, from ice cream cake from Mr. Fassbender, to bedtime lectures from Mr. Deedon; they always put our best interests first.  Way back in kindergarten we were taught how to do simple things like read, write, and use our manners, which some of us didn’t learn until much later…. But in middle school, Mr. Hilliker taught us weekly useless information, and for some of us, how long it takes to copy a page of the dictionary… Almost anything and everything we all know today came from our teachers, so thank you Staff of Lodi, you definitely succeeded in educating the best and the brightest students to go through Lodi; that’s us, The Class of 2009!  Thank you.

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