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by wendysoucie on July 13, 2011

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Janeen and Paul hydrating on the ferry

Some of my favorite quick rides in Columbia County involve water, the Colsac III (the Merrimac – Lodi Ferry) and rural country roads with little or no traffic.  Even better is to enjoy bike rides with a friend or two. With pleasant weather predicted, and a long holiday weekend I talked my friend Janeen into what I suggested would be an nice out and back. Due to our enjoyment of the weather, the ride location, and our current fitness level, we made it into a 42.5 mile ride.  The only mistake we made was not using enough sunscreen for the longer ride.

The ride

On July 2, Janeen and I started near the Lodi Fairgrounds and headed north out of town. While I don’t like 113 at all, the short distance to get to Ryan Road has the widest shoulder north of town. We journeyed to the Ferry via Ryan Road, County V through Okee and then jumped on 113 for the roller  coaster ride to the Merrimac Ferry.


Once across the Merrimac Ferry, I thoroughly enjoyed the new pavement heading north out of Town. Thank you to the Town of Merrimac and the State for adding bike lanes on both sides of the road. I only could wish for all of Hwy 78 to be resurfaced with bike lanes 5-6 feet wide for safety.  I have been nearly knocked off the road in the past by boat trailers when the driver cuts over too soon in front of me  without taking into account that the trailer is wider than their truck.


On this particular day, I wondered why County U had not been designated a Rustic Road. The views are lovely of both the river, the Baraboo Bluffs and the farmland. Although the entire route is not tree covered, plenty of it is.  I also like taking Reumann Road long the river until it meets up again with County U. It bypasses a big hill going up, and its a cool respite to be closer to the Wisconsin River on a hot day.  For our ride, this was the turn around point, but both Janeen and I agreed that riding all the way to Portage was on our agenda in the next few weeks.


What Columbia County bike ride did you do this week?

Here is the video / slideshow I made of the day.


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