New Bills are assault on Wisconsin’s Quality of Life….Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

by Free Speech on December 12, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose LRB 3520, which is before the Assembly Jobs Committee on Wednesday.
Wisconsin can find ways to mine without disregarding the long-term health of our lands, waters, and people.    LRB 3520 eliminates Wisconsin’s ability to protect public health and natural resources by exempting new mines from water quality protections for our rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands.  It also increases public exposure to dangerous mining waste, completely cuts out citizen involvement throughout the permitting process and allows mining laws to supersede all other environmental laws.   Wisconsin must do better than the short-sided, misguided approach taken in LRB 3520 that is being rushed through the legislature to benefit one out-of-state mining company.


Oppose SB 326 & AB 421 (Formerly Special Session AB 24 & SB 24):  Polluters Over People
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose SB 326 & AB 421 (Formerly known as Special Session AB 24 & SB 24), which are before the Senate and Assembly Natural Resources Committees on Wednesday.
Long-term protection of Wisconsin’s public health and natural resources depends upon an open and transparent permitting process that does not prioritize rewarding campaign donors and bad actors over the rights of the public.
The proposed substitute amendments to SB 326 and AB 421, while making some significant changes, still contain fundamental problems.   Most problematic, these bills still cut the public out of the decisions that affect their communities by changing the process for construction and dredging projects that happen in or near our waterways. The bills eliminate public hearings on permits and force the public to comment on incomplete information during shortened timelines.   Finally, SB 326 & AB 421will make it much harder to protect new waterways in the future and removes protections for a set of existing waterways.  Many of the most egregious provisions of the draft mining bill from earlier in the session are contained in this bill.

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