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by wendysoucie on June 14, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Kurt Eakle captures the group at Mirror Lake

Kurt Eakle captures the group at Mirror Lake - Kurt Eakle copyright all rights reserved

Our Saunter Group tested the waters at Mirror Lake State Park this week. It was a quiet respite from a stressful weekend. With just a few cars in the parking lot, a gentle but steady breeze to keep any bugs at bay, shade and pleasant temperatures in the high 70s, no one was complaining. 

Our leaders chose the right-hand trail each time, with most heading to the steep hill.  I can picture this during the winter as a wonderful cross country ski trail with exciting ups and downs.

Wendy Soucie and friends at Mirror Lake State Park, Wisconsin

Wendy, Slo John and Marcia at Mirror Lake State Park, Wisconsin

Several people in Lodi I know ski the trails quite a bit while training for the Birkie.

Wildlife was light, with an errant mouse and curious red squirrel crossing our path.  A swallowtail butterfly wouldn’t hold still for the camera, but several blue dragonflies danced across the tiny blue flowers growing along the boat ramp.  My significant take away was the lovely kayak this would be early in the morning or as a sunset paddle. Sounds like I have to make a date with my husband soon to visit this lovely spot again.



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