A Mother’s Wisdom

by Free Speech on April 22, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI-4/22/09
By Gail Lamberty

Mother Earth inspired one of  her champions ,Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson, to remind us we best not take her for granted.  He listened and initiated Earth Day on April 22, 1970 .  Now streams and rivers are running cleaner and natural resources are protected.  Every year since we are reminded in the beauty of spring time to pay her homage.

Mother Goose reminded us that we should go “to market to market to buy a fat pig.”  Never one to upstage Mother Goose, I might be so bold as to add  “and all the other treasures you can find at your local farm market.” In my experience the Oldie Valley farmers’ market is one of the very best.

It is my delight to work with Lyn Lorenz and the market team to join you as the new site manager on Friday afternoons at the market.

Last Friday afternoon, I came over the hills and through the valleys from Roxbury . As I rolled into town to meet Lyn, hundreds of  yellow daffodils were waving in the wind.  The bright faces of those yellow daffodils didn’t match the delight and laughter as we distributed the poster for the 2009 Lodi Valley farmers’ market.  Poster boy “Larry the Leek”  has become the heart throb of  Lodi. Folks “ooh-ed and ah–ed” over the pretty boy.

Have you seen Larry yet?  He is on display at local merchants in Lodi and hanging out in  Madison at the Overture Center in an art show. He’s been seen in Sauk City and is planning to make an appearance in Roxbury..  Who knows where he will be next?  He is the man of the moment.  You won’t want to miss him. If you’re really smitten, you can stop by the Lodi Enterprise to purchase your very own poster.

Stop by on Friday afternoon 2-6 at the Northern Edge parking lot to join us for the 2009 market opening. Goodies and gifts await you. If you don’t have a garage for the annual garage sale, bring a table and treasures you’d like to pass on. Say hello to the lady in the hat.  I’ll tell you all I know about Larry.

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