Wisconsin State Journal Doesn’t Get It!!!!

by Free Speech on November 5, 2012

Lodi, WI~

Lodi Valley News serving Lodi, WI & the Lake Wisconsin area with local information since Earth Day 2008.


While it is no surprise that the Journal supports Romney/Ryan, and Tommy Thompson for this election, because your own historical political bent has always been Republican, I had hoped you would have considered for what’s at stake this time.


By this I mean, I “wonder” how many on your board are women, husbands, and fathers?  You really approve of having women’s health issues decided and ruled by laws made by white, rich guys who sit in our United States Senate? Or even more importantly, do you believe the republican party’s platform and its surrogates who think that a conception out of rape is “God’s will”, or impossible to have a child because “juices kick in to prevent it”?  That isn’t just a couple of fruitcakes in this once Grand Old Party, its now the norm, but even more egregiously part of the republican party platform.


I would assume that none of you have anyone in your families who cannot come to you for all the money they need for their education and don’t have to depend on affordable grants like Pell Grants that will ensure them of a decent paying job in this new century?  Did you ever investigate how much work Cong. Ryan put into saving the Chevrolet Plant in Janesville?  I did, and he never lobbied, wrote a letter or made any worthwhile attempt to keep that crucial business alive in his District.  Okay by you though, eh?


You aren’t and haven’t been the least bit concerned that we have absolutely no idea what a President Romney Administration would do to help our economy, other than his experience at helping the wealthy?  What position in particular do you approve of?  Take just today’s, he’s changed so much that who knows what tomorrow’s might be?

Did you by-pass the statements he’s made and stand’s he’s taken when he said, “I don’t care about the poor”, “let the auto industry go bankrupt”, “I like to fire people”.  Is that how you on the Board feel too?  If so, shame on the lot of you.


Supporting Romney/Ryan also means that you endorse the Ryan budget.  Among the horrific cuts that Ryan’s budget would make (which Romney supports and said “he would sign on Day One”, besides also repealing Health Care and defund Planned Parenthood), one of the most startling is the  13% cut to veterans benefits.  Our son, an Iraqi vet and holder of the Bronze Star especially appreciates that consideration)


As far as Tommy Thompson, that is the most insulting of all, that you would foist a 70 year old out-of-touch, has-been politico who made millions off his lobbying for the pharmaceuticals after he successfully crafted Medicare Part-D to ensure that Medicare could not negotiate better prescriptions prices.  I love being in the doughnut hole, are any of your loved ones languishing in there.


To say that I am extremely stressed about what you did is an understatement.  Now I have to decide if I even want to continue my subscription.   We ONCE had a Grand Old Party, and we ONCE had a grand old newspaper.  Not either anymore.


Judy Brownrigg,

507 Clark Street

Lodi, WI  53555

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1 Deb November 5, 2012 at 7:22 AM

Thank you JUDY!
Well said and we totally agree.
Cancelling our 30 year old subscription today.

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