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by wendysoucie on May 23, 2011

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time trial bikes from the 2010 tour prologue

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May 12 was the start of the 2011 season for Tuesday Night Time Trials (TNTT).  TNTT is the brain child of Joe Bainbridge, a local business owner of Spring Creek Engineering, and past pro bicycle rider. Understanding that we can all get faster on our bikes is the premise behind TNTT. Just like in running, doing some speed work as part of cross training will help your biking success.  The regular weekly event pits you first individually against yourself and against your prior weeks time of riding. Secondly against whoever left just before or just after you.


The course is a 10 mile out and back on either Hwy K or Riddle Road.  Each biker takes off in 1 minute increments from anyone else, so you have the options to try and catch someone, or keep someone from passing you. If you are competing against yourself, it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride (road, hybrid, or mountain), but best if you ride the same bike each time for comparison.  We have a fair number of people preparing for the 2011 Madison Iron Man who come on some pretty spiffy racing bikes.  Myself, I ride a decent road bike and compete against myself and just try and get out there. Last year I was injured so did not participate, but have plans to be in town for as many of the rides as possible this year.  So should you!


The group meets at 5:55 PM at the head of main street near Doctor’s Park and the parking area. We then head to one or the other of the courses for the night – Joe’s decision.  The goal is to get the first rider started at 6 pm and Joe is the last rider to leave. I think that challenges him to see how long it takes to catch the first guy!

Ernie Meyer and Janeen Meyer Grover getting ready to ride

Ernie Meyer and Janeen Meyer can be found at our biking events.


There is no cost for the event. You must bring your own bike and helmets are a required item.  We are sharing the road with cars etc, so absolutely all rules of the road apply. Bring your own water as well.

Extra Points?

For the more adventurous, or those training for a triathlon, the group will also run either a 5K or 10K run after the biking is done so bring your running shoes as well. We typically have 5 – 10 people participating and it really is more fun with more people.

Lodi Silent Sports

In an effort to bring together lovers of all kinds of silent sports like running, biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, walking and swimming to name a few, we created Lodi Silent Sports. If you have an event to post let us know so we can share online and via word of mouth.   Lodi Silent Sports has a page on Facebook and we need your help in getting some more fans.  You can catch any updates about weather and location via that resource along with pictures and other news.

See you on Tuesday!

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