Severson Runs for Re-Election!

by Free Speech on March 11, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, Wisconsin

Rog Severson is running for re-election to the Lodi City Common Council. He is unopposed in his bid for his current seat, but we thought it would be good to find out more about him.

Rog was first appointed to the common council by Mayor Fisk in 2002, filling the seat being vacated by Glenna Barrett. He has run unopposed since that time. When asked why he chose to run for re-election again, he stated, “Well, with each succeeding year, I gain additional experiences which become valuable for consideration of new issues. I like being where the action is, facing new challenges and continuing on with some current initiatives. Besides, I really care for this community and wish to help propel it forward.”

We asked why he thought he may be a good, viable candidate. He responds: “With my nearly seven years on council, I have had the benefit of being on almost all of our city commissions and / or committees. Each area is a whole new situation with its own problems and concerns. Dealing with a myriad of items gives me a depth of understanding for approaching ongoing and new issues we face each month.”

We wondered if anything else enters into his qualifications. He answers: “I have been accused of being a bit overly-involved in our community! I guess that happens because I see the benefits which several organizations offer to our residents and to me, personally, for getting involved. Having experiences in various quadrants of our community for the past 42 years gives me lots of perspective. This is beneficial because I can then see how a number of things here in Lodi may be affected by how I vote on something.”

So, do you have any axes to grind or some hot buttons or an “agenda”? “Having an ax to grind sounds awfully negative and I pride myself on being positive! I must say that I do promote tourism as I think that’s a good way to get some money coming into town to help our businesses. To that end, I serve as President of L.O.D.I. and try to find ways to bring in new visitors.”

What in particular are you doing to strengthen tourism? “As a representative of L.O.D.I. and the City of Lodi, I am serving on the Highway 60 Scenic Byways steering committee. In that capacity, we are accentuating State Highway 60 from the interstate system all the way to Prairie du Chien by getting state approval for this route as an official scenic byway. The program will offer special signage for Lodi and we will also appear on a brochure with an accompanying map, now being produced. With Lodi being right on this byway, it seemed logical that we should have a presence on this team, so I volunteered.”

It sounds as though you like to get involved! “Yes, it is a great feeling to get involved and make some things happen for our community. I hope that others look around at our gem called Lodi and get the same feeling about helping our city and area move forward. Whether residents get involved in organizations or run for city council, they will find it personally worthwhile.”

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