Ripp’s Voting Questioned

by Free Speech on February 2, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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by Paul Fisk

On Tuesday January 27th the state assembly voted on two bills designed to send the message to the workers of Wisconsin and the country that we, the people of Wisconsin, support them.

Keith Ripp's voting record is already under scrutiny.

Keith Ripp's voting record is already under scrutiny.

The first bill set a goal state and local governments would strive to make 20% of its purchases of goods and services locally. That is made in Wisconsin. These products would still have to compete on price however when the price was right buy Wisconsin instead of from out of state. This bill puts a priority on supporting Wisconsin companies and Wisconsin jobs.

The second bill directed the State of Wisconsin to purchase goods and services which are produced by American companies. This will put American jobs and profits first. Foreign goods and services may be purchased when they are not available from domestic sources.

The votes of Representative Ripp (R) of Lodi are confusing at best. He supported the first bill and voted against the second. Was he confused or does he put the welfare of Asian and European workers over that of American workers. Is he afraid of a complaint by the World Trade Organization? In any case he is putting foreign labor ahead of Wisconsin and American Workers.

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1 lyl February 3, 2009 at 8:40 AM

Thanks, Paul for closely monitoring what our new Representative Ripp is or is not doing. One will not find this kind of “news” or information in the Lodi Enterprise. Keep up the great work!

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