Lodi Wisconsin City Council Meeting Tonight 5-5-15 7pm….Protest Plastic Flowers

by Free Speech on May 5, 2015

Lodi, WI~

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Plastic Flower Protest At City Council tonight…

By Treble Lysenko

Ahh The Aroma Of Chinese Plastic Flowers....

Ahh The Aroma Of Chinese Plastic Flowers….

Plastic Flower Baskets on City Streets: I suggest people attend the Tuesday May 5 City Council meeting 7PM, to protest this poorly conceived action.
A friend said it is like giving your beloved a bouquet of plastic flowers-I guess that is how insensitive our council is to our lovely townscape.
There are a number of cost saving suggestions that I intend to propose, so Lodi can have real flowers.
Number one on my suggestion list, is to reduce the number of times a crew of three grinds up brush along city streets. Currently it is 50 times a year + or – To me this should only happen 4 times a year, or by request at a fee. Surely this change could pay for the flower baskets, and watering, May though August.

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