Luthin responds to Pickle’s letter in Enterprise of 3-31-11

by Free Speech on April 5, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Letter to Editor

March 31, 2011

Response to Pickle

Wow, what incendiary remarks!  What misinformation!  If Mr. John Pickle’s remarks in the Lodi Enterprise (3/31) referencing a meeting in the public library where a group of people “decided that everyone should agree, vote the same and support their causes” is addressing the meeting I attended, he is far far off track with his volatile remarks.

If a group of folks concerned about the future of their library, the future of public education in their community, and the potential loss of a long-standing and very successful city recycling program represent to him such an extreme situation that we are labeled under the same banner as citizens of Libya shooting one another, Mr. Pickle needs to find another home far from Lodi!  But first, he needs to get his facts straight.

The library meeting I attended was made up of local citizens from a diversity of backgrounds, occupations and interests who met in order to gather facts, learn about and understand potential implications of the so-called “budget repair bill” and budget proposed by the Governor.  Hardly a gun-toting crowd of enraged rebels!

I find it disconcerting that a presumedly upstanding citizen of our fair community can lambaste his fellow neighbors and citizens based on second-hand hearsay and rumor.  His vitriolic rant would have a vastly different tone had he attended the meeting.  What an angry letter!  He accuses the participants of that meeting as demonstrating “childish and immature behavior.”  What did they do!?   He further states that, “The tendency to hate people who disagree that appears to be so evident in Lodi, is embarrassing and childish.”  Mr. Pickle, your letter expresses a great deal of hatred of folks who may not agree with YOUR point of view.  I find your remarks embarrassing and childish.  And that’s a fact.

Charlie Luthin
540 N. Main Street
Lodi  WI  53555

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