Lorenz Supports Single-Payer Healthcare System

by Free Speech on May 20, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI-5/20/09
Opinion by Lyn Lorenz

The Senate Finance Committee has had two meetings concerning the future of healthcare in this country.  Senator Max Baucus, D-Montana and the chair of the committee, has refused to invite any advocate of Single-Payer healthcare to participate in this roundtable discussion.  In the first meeting, single-payer advocates stood and asked him why—7 were arrested.  Yesterday’s meeting, 5 stood and asked why, and they were arrested.  Why does Senator Baucus refuse to discuss single-payer, to the point of saying “single-payer will not work in this country”?  Perhaps because he is the recipient of millions of dollars of insurance and pharmaceutical company’s campaign contributions.
How would he know single-payer won’t work when he will not allow any advocate to discuss it?  Well, Senator, single-payer does work.  It is called Medicare and Medicaid.  The proposal is out there by advocacy groups of an ‘AmeriCare’ card to be given at birth, for care from any doctor, with the federal government being the single-payer, just like Medicare and Medicaid.  Yes, there will be premiums for everyone that has the ability to pay.  Yes, we will have to find savings in order to pay for the program.  But when our Bill of Rights says, …the Right to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ it does not mean only if you are rich enough to afford a doctor.
Those who were arrested at the Finance Committee’s hearings were doctors and nurses who have been working toward single-payer for years.  A recent survey of the American Medical Association members (traditionally a conservative group) found that 60% were in favor of implementing single-payer coverage in America.  Our healthcare has been a for-profit industry for far too long.  It is long overdue that all Americans are provided good healthcare.  Seat the doctors and nurses at the table, to advocate for patients, not the insurance and pharma lobbyists.  Call Democratic Senator Max Baucus, (at 202.224.2651) chair of the Senate Finance Committee and tell him that single-payer healthcare can, does and will work for all Americans NOW.

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