Lodi’s Dynamic Duo

by Free Speech on July 6, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi Valley Farmers Market Fridays 2pm to 6pm

Lodi Valley Farmers Market Fridays 2pm to 6pm

Lodi, WI Wisconsin

Lodi Area Food Pantry + Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market = One Fabulous Dynamic Duo for Lodi.

Last Friday at the Lodi Valley Farmers’  Market, donations and vendors filled two huge coolers with fresh produce for the elderly, shut in and folks in need for the Lodi Area Food Pantry. That alone is outstanding  generosity and only in Lodi can the story get even better!

For a mere $10, you can buy a very classy market bag. Last Friday Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market /Lodi Area Food Pantry bags were introduced as a fund raiser for the market and the pantry.

Mary Ellen Ruesch had seen a preview of the bags the week before and said she’d come back to buy one.  A woman of her word, she returned to the market and purchased her bag.   After a time she returned to the market table with the bag full of produce for the food pantry.  She was really surprised when we told her that the first person who purchased a bag and brought it back to the table with food pantry donations would get a refund of $10 as a kick off for the promotional event.  Not to be outdone, Mary Ellen took her $10 and went around the market again and for a second time filled the bag with donations for the food pantry!! 

Could this happen anywhere but Lodi?  Our vendors are generous with their products and frequently local folks with extra garden goodies donate from their surplus to add their bounty to the coolers for the food pantry.  Visitors to the market, like Mary Ellen, do the same.

Each Friday around 5:00 Judy Brownrigg circles the market with a wagon collecting donations.  She could use volunteers to assist her– there are about 15 more markets before the end of the season.  Contact Judy or stop by to see Lyn or Gail at the market table to offer your help.

In these tough economic times it is great to be in a community where generosity and cooperation generate an abundance of caring for the less fortunate of us.

          Gail Lamberty                                                                 

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