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by Free Speech on March 17, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Pegged Right by Peg Zaemisch

Fair weather fanatic

These harbingers of Spring seem to be pleading for the warmer days that Spring will bring.

These harbingers of Spring seem to be pleading for the warmer days that Spring will bring.

It is cold in Park Falls . Although last week we saw a few warm days. The standing snow pack of 2009 had retreated to shadows and crescents skirting along the highway and into black and white Rorschach splotches cross the melting and muddy fields. For several days the sun had been trying to nudge winter off the stage and had been attempting to thaw the land. Lighter jackets were worn. Dogs were mud up to their bellies and all the happier for it. Mud oozed. Puddles puddled. Sun shone.
Then on Tuesday night, spring’s tether slipped. The constant dripping from the downspouts stopped. A razor wind picked up. On a 2 a.m. trip outdoors to let the dog do dog things, I noticed heavy snow swirling up and around the street light and I think I saw Old Man Winter give spring a mean spirited shove. I’ll go when I am ready – and I ain’t ready, he snarled through his icicle teeth.
Perhaps I will return the gardening books I borrowed from the library. Put them back on the shelves for a few more weeks. That will cool my ardor and I can stop drooling over the lush landscaping, bright lawn furniture, plants and yard art … or the pergolas and the frog ponds. Four to six inches of blowing snow will make just about anyone put away the brilliant blooming magazines and the Cottage Garden Guide with pages of bulbs and seeds and twisting, green vines. I had just better sit down again with a good book and cover up to my chin. It will be a while. In fact much longer than my gentle readers in Lodi will have to wait. I am told two to three weeks longer and at this time of year, that is a very, very long time. Patience, I tell myself. Patience.
The Vernal Equinox will take place on Friday, March 20th Maybe it is time to plan a little party for friends or family – or just yourself. Bottle of nice wine. Some cheese. Take the lawn chairs outdoors and watch the moon rise. Think a deep thought or two. Then fold up your chair, go back in your house and say to yourself: Boy, I am glad I am not shoveling tonight like Peg is. It will make you feel better. I promise.

* My grandson, Hunter is an awfully sweet little fellow. Typical boy, running, crashing, yelling and climbing. I do so love him. He is a little worried about where Granny has moved. He understands my cottage is for sale (he will miss the frogs) and he knows I will have to find a new house. The last time I visited Stoughton , he had one all picked out for me. Right across the street from their house! Isn’t that nice how that worked out? Then he said he could come over and see me whenever he wanted. He thought if I was baking cookies or brownies I could just stick my head out my door and yell “Grandchildren!” and it would work out pretty nice for all of us.
The reality is that I would have to have a job there and there are no jobs anywhere – as we all know. Also, the house across the street has about four or five bedrooms and is beautiful and nearly new. The dollars and cents of it, sure don’t add up. But, I appreciated his sentiments; it is always nice to be wanted.

•As I write this I am aware that it is Friday the 13th. I have never been especially jumpy around Friday the 13th, but I like to be alert to those potential car accidents, house fires, broken hips and black eyes that one is allegedly more vulnerable on this scary day. I can’t remember that anything has ever happened to me that was very significant. I did experience the rather unpleasant experience of being frozen in my car this morning. Got in, drove six blocks to work and then tried to open the car door to get out (as common practice dictates) and no go. Frozen doors. So, I sat there for a few minutes (running the defrost) and somehow encouraged the window to go down so I could stick my arm out and try to open the door from the outside (whilst inside) and it worked. If you ever wanted to see a worst case scenario it would be me trying to crawl over the front seats (with the big headrests) then over into the backseats and possibly into that little back area (which my grandchildren call the “way back.”) to get out. Given my lack of flexibility and well, let’s just say, generous size – I am sure I would be there still stuck like a bear in a tree – or at least until the sun comes around and who knows when that will be?

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1 Anne Steckelberg Foltz March 25, 2009 at 10:58 PM

It’s really great to see your column once more Peg. I just found out about this website from my sister in Lodi. After you left Lodi, I missed your columns immensely. Keep up the great work.

Your reader in Canada,


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