The Misinformed Mr Bechen,,,,,, an Editorial

by Free Speech on February 6, 2015

Lodi, WI~

Lodi Valley News serving Lodi, WI & the Lake Wisconsin area with local information since Earth Day 2008.

A sign of a good paper is a good editorial page. Most small town editors in the past would use that page as a mirror of the community. Today everyone is afraid of strong opinions losing business…Not Me…..LVN EDITOR

Dear Mr. Bechen,
So because the new editor of the Lodi Enterprise signed the Walker Recall petition she has no business running the Enterprise? What the hell are you smoking? Ms Blair has every right to act as a citizen and vote her conscious and its none of your business. Please turn off Fox News and get some facts Mr. Bechen. The Hometown News Group which owns the Lodi Enterprises is controlled by one of the “Oldest Republican Families” in the State Of Wisconsin…….The Knox Family. And you know what …… about a bias…..I’m ok with that. Please get over your hallucinations of the Enterprise being a bastion of LIBERALISM.
Gary Nowobielski
Town of Lodi.

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