Letter to the Editor……Protesters Compared To ISIS Terrorists……???

by Free Speech on March 22, 2015

Lodi, WI~

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Comparing the 100,000 peaceful protesters at the Capitol several years ago to ISIS terrorists was no mistake made by Governor Walker.  If there is one thing he can’t stand, it’s opposition, and all opposition is viewed equally.  Virtually every success Walker claims since coming into office has dealt a major blow to his opponents. With each deliberative step, he amasses more power.  For example, Act 10 stripped public union workers—those individuals most in opposition to Walker’s policies—of the right to collective bargaining.  Furthermore, Act 10 gave the Governor the power to appoint 3 key positions in every state agency—the top legal, communications and legislative liaison staff, thereby oppressing any opposition (like good science and regulatory control) from within the agencies.  The “voter ID” law was directed at suppressing poor, homeless and student voters who tend to vote Democratic.  In the case of environmental laws that protect our state’s natural resources and that Walker disdains, his attitude is, “If you don’t like ‘em, get rid of ‘em!”, thereby inviting irreparable harm to our state’s water and air by encouraging destructive mining practices like the frac sand mines of Central Wisconsin and the massive Gogebic Taconite open pit iron mine in northern Wisconsin.    Walker is trying to amass further power and control by eliminating independent agency oversight boards like the Natural Resources Board and Agriculture Board. Walker’s proposed budget would, among other things, greatly reduce the number of professional scientists and regulators in the DNR that tend to get in Walker’s way.  His proposed budget punishes Wisconsin Public Radio and TV, as they don’t buy into his arch-conservative politics. Walker’s  budget also systematically and ruthlessly crushes public education at all levels—from grade school to the university, because Walker is threatened by smart well-educated people who think independently, and who tend to oppose his ideology.  Finally, Walker’s “right to work” legislation further erodes unions across the state that are traditionally Democratic.  He’s built a system of top-down control in the hands of one political party that flaunts its extreme conservatism and is intolerant of opposing views.   What’s wrong with suppressing one’s opponents to this extensive degree?  It’s called totalitarianism, and that’s what Wisconsin under Governor Walker is becoming.  This is not the congenial and tolerant Wisconsin that most of us grew up in.   Charlie Luthin 540 N. Main Street, Lodi 608-592-4326 (home) 608-358-7120 (cell)

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