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by Free Speech on June 13, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Dear Neighbors,

In recent months the notion of what it means to be a public servant has been quite hotly debated. For my part I’ll just say that it is thanks to my parents, who taught me to do the right thing even when nobody notices, and my teachers, who showed me the responsibility we all have to our communities and country, that I chose a career in public service. For most children right here in Lodi, next to their parents, their teachers are the most influential people in their lives for not only teaching skills and facts, but instilling a value system of fair play, sharing, and pushing themselves to excel.

I was most disappointed then, to read in the Lodi Enterprise the unwarranted assault on Mr. Stan Ruesch’s character and distinguished career as a civics and social studies teacher at Lodi High School. The writer even went so far as to claim that many graduates cannot read their diplomas thanks to the shoddy work of our teachers. I don’t know to whom the writer was referring because I can certainly read mine; I can read my law school diploma too, and it’s in Latin-and it’s thanks in large part to the challenges and encouragement of Stan Ruesch and the excellent faculty at Lodi High School that I went to law school.

Like many of you, I was student in Stan Ruesch’s Government and Social Issues class, and a requirement of the class was to write a letter to the editor. This assignment was less about writing skills and more about the value of being involved in the community and engaged in the issues, an important value in a functioning republic. It is pretty fitting then, that I write this letter to defend the important work he did. It is one thing to attack a person’s ideas, it is quite another to attack his character. Not only do I stand with those who choose to serve the public, but I suggest that we keep the tone of our public debate to the issues and our values. Let’s keep our eye on the ball and find the best solutions for the challenges facing our state.


Amanda Hall Esq.

Town of Lodi

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