Highway V Improvements Meeting Update

by Free Speech on October 13, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Martha Dodge Alberti

The Town Board met on Monday to discuss CTH V.   The final decisions will be made by the Columbia County Highway Committee on October 29th.  After considerable discussion they agreed to send a letter to the Highway Committee clarifying their position on the project:

  • Intersection of CTH V and STH 113 should stay in the area that is in now.  They came out strongly against running V onto Shamrock Rd.   In fact, they are going to let the County know that they will NOT release Shamrock Rd. , a Town owned road, to the County. We think that effectively stops the Shamrock Rd. options.
  • The Town Board is concerned, as we all are, about the water runoff from the streets going into the lake.  To date the county has not addressed those concerns.  The County representatives have said more than once that they “will do, at least the minimum, required by the DNR .”   The Town is asking the County to make sure they don’t repeat the runoff problems we have on Demynck Rd. and who will be responsible for maintaining the storm water structures.
  • The Town is going on record asking the County to leave Okee as rural as possible.  It is understood that this project is going to happen, but they are requesting that the “footprint” stay as small as possible to minimize the damages to resident’s front yards.   To accomplish this it is hoped that the roadway be narrowed as much as possible and to eliminate the 5 foot terraces between the curbs and the sidewalks from the plan.   We have been told that we are not eligible for Federal funds if we don’t put in the curbs and gutters. In addition, curb and gutters will require less land from the property owners than ditches will.
  • We don’t need a big sweeping curve at the intersection of Ryan Rd. and CTH V.   Widening the shoulders will enhance safety and allow relatively safe biking and walking on CTH V.
  • The Town is planning to tell the County that the majority of the residents would prefer that nothing at all be done.  Basically, that we LIKE Okee the way it is.

I think we should applaud the Town Board for taking a strong stand on these issues.  We are going to have work done in Okee and CTH V.   What we need to do now in these last 3 weeks before the decisions are made, is make the County aware of our concerns.

Neil Ford , our County Board Supervisor, Mary See and I attended the Columbia County Highway Committee meeting this morning.  Kurt Dey , the Highway Commissioner, gave a report to the committee to update them on the Highway V project.  He gave them an outline of the various parts of the project that they will be voting on the 29th.  We were rather alarmed that the water runoff was not even mentioned in the outline.  It seems to be way down the list of things that the County feels are important.

Water runoff and water quality issues are very important to most of us who live on or close to Lake Wisconsin .  Please send letters or emails or call the people who will be making these decisions and let them know that they need to do more than the minimum required by the DNR for the water problems that come with curb and gutter.

The most important people to contact are probably the members of the County Highway Committee.  They will be voting on the 29th.
Members are:

Andy Ross (chair), 744 South Main Street , Poynette 53955      608.635.7373
Sue Martin (vice chair), 1104 Saddle Ridge, Portage 53901    608.742.4854
Vern Gove, 525 Evergreen Trail, Portage 53901   608.742.9904
Ken Hutler 140 W. Carroll Street, Portage 53901   608.742.3747
John Stevenson, N2079 Pine Hollow Road, Lodi 53555   608.635.7585

Email Addresses can be found on the website.

Also: Town of Lodi board members:
John Pickle, Town Chair, Jerry Ritchie, Bob Collins, Jim Schomer, Ron Kohn at 125 Lodi St. Lodi, 53555 or email  at townlodi@charter.net
Neil Ford, W11030 N. Lake Point Drive, Lodi 53555   608.592.5574    nmford@wisc.edu

If you can attend the meeting on the 29th, please put it on your calendar.  The more of us that show up, the more they will scrutinize what is presented to them.  We may or may not be allowed to speak to the committee (we were allowed to speak today) but our presence says volumes.
Let me know if you’ll be able to attend – we’ll set up some car-pools.  The meeting will start at either 8 or 9 AM .  I’ll let you know when I know for sure.

Thanks for everything you’ve done and will do.  Keep those calls and emails coming.  Only 3 more weeks to “D” (decision) day.

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