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by Free Speech on May 26, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Terry Haag RN School Nurse

First off, I did check with Public Health Officials and yes! the H1N1 (Swine flu) virus does only live for up to 2 hours on surfaces other than a human body. So this means continue to wash hands for 30 seconds or hand sanitizer is the absence of soap and water. Clean those commonly used surfaces between uses if less than 2 hours. No need to worry about surfaces 2 hours after students have left the building.

Secondly any staff who is on chemotherapy or radiation treatments, or living with someone who is, any pregnant staff, diabetic staff, or those who could be immune compromised, please check with your medical provider, and let them know you have probably been exposed to the N1H1 (Swine flu). Many students or staff that have gone to the Lodi Medical Clinic have been cultured and specimens sent in, many of the Madison Clinics are not culturing and just telling folks to stay home for 7 days if they have influenza symptoms. Therefor we really don’t know if there are students who actually had the S influenza and we didn’t know. So we can assume we’ve been exposed if we work with students at all.

THEREFORE, IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF A TEMPERATURE OF 100 degrees or over, a sore throat, or a cough, and or aching joints and fatique, please donot report to school. You instead should call your medical provider and let them know you’ve been exposed. They may or may not tell you to come into the clinic to be checked, they may or may not start you on Tamiflu, but either way please stay home and don’t go into the community unless seeking medical attention for 7 days.

Tips on staying healthy naturally:
*    A healthy immune system will keep you healthy as well as helping you get better faster if you do get sick. So eat those vegetables, especially fermented veggies, like sour kraut that has not been pasteurized. Kraut from the freezer section of stores, or health food stores would stock fermented, non-pasteurized veggies. Vinegar is great in all you eat and also to clean with. Avoid soda’s and drink lots of water with lemon squeezed in it. Get your sleep, decrease your stress, and get some sunshine!!! Probiotics are very helpful for your immune system also especially if you get sick alot or have been on antibiotics recently. Eating raw garlic chopped into salads or just swallowing it after it has been chopped up and let sit for a few minutes, is a great way to ward off viruses or bacteria. Also boost the immune system with extra vitamine C.

There are many herbs, such a echinacia, that boost the immune system. Ask me more, I can’t get it all on here, but these are the highlights.

*    Gargling with salt water and using a neti pot to flush your sinuses, or even saline nasal wash can help clear out foreign invaders (germs) and keep them from settling into our sinuses. Also there is hydrogen peroxide drops for your ears! This along with the good hand washing (30 seconds) will help keep viruses and bacteria from getting settled in your system.

*   Theraputic grade essential oils can also be used to infuse in the air or rub on the skin when mixed with a bonding oil–good oils for warding off viruses are a blend of clove, lemon cinnamon bark, lavender , rosemary and eucalyptus. The blend called Theives has all of these.

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