Lodi Chamber of Commerce as Dysfunctional as ever.

by Free Speech on March 28, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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I recently returned to Lodi from a filming/fishing gig in Naples, Florida to discover I am no longer a member of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce. For more than 15 years I’ve swapped out my membership fees for the use of my licensed images on the Chamber’s official website etc. Most recently 48 images for a trade out of around $150 annually. Current market value of the those images are $50 ea annual website license times 48 would equal $2400.00. Wow I would have thought someone on the Chamber of “COMMERCE” would understand value when it hit them between the eyeballs. 

I have made no bones about my objection to the “Discover Wisconsin” $36,000 boondoggle. A pay to play video extravaganza with no proof of return on investment. I’ve been swimming in the “Media Pool” for nearly 40 years so when I along with other chamber members asked for a membership vote on the project that request was rejected by the former Faust regime and voted on only by “her” board for approval. $36,000 would have gone a long way in “Discovering” what the hell we should be trying to do here before dumping that kind of cash into a non-Lodi based business. Also one more point, an organization that raises its dues and then offers a discount on those dues if the member “Volunteers” more……is an organization that is bankrupt of relevancy.

Gary N-ski



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