At the market on Sunday

by Gail Lamberty on September 11, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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The very first, the one and only gourmet dinner celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market is under way.  As the market closed on Friday Terri Jozwiak–goddess of this dinner–left the market with her pickup  FULL of the ingredients for the dinner.  Tomatoes, melons, shrimp, ground buffalo, chicken and squash were packed in tubs and boxes and overflowing from the back of her truck.  It looked like a still life painting to see all the colors and textures side by side.

We made it to the kitchen to sort, to clean, to peal, and to chop.  Knives sparkled, whisks scraped  and eggs flew. Alison Seaton was champ in charge of apple carrot cake  with batter up to her elbows.  Terri and the beets became more than intimate friends. From flour to flowers, things were moving.

Best of all was Don Olson guiding the humble novices in the preparation.  Don has created his own  recipes for this gourmet  dinner.  Pickled beets with the magic of his combination of garden spices are like no other pickled beets you’ve ever tasted.  (OK, your novice cooks did a tiny bit of sampling for you.) His Norwegian family heritage  transformed into Swedish meatballs is flavor on a plate.  He kept us entertained as we pealed and pealed and pealed apples with stories about his final test at Cordon Bleu in New York.  He told us he will never cook eel again.

This is a dinner you won’t want to miss…St. Patrick’s Church Sunday 6-7:30. $15 with a limited number of tickets.  Stop by Main Street Liquor store today to get your tickets.  Tickets at the door until we reach capacity.

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