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by Free Speech on June 3, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, Wisconsin
by Gail Lamberty

The theme for the 2009 (and each)  Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market is “buy fresh, buy local.” How fresh is fresh? Picked  last night?  Picked in the morning before the market?  How local is local?  Within 25 miles?  Within 5 miles?  No one can beat the Lodi market in answering those questions with the freshest of fresh and the closest of local.

Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

Last Friday around 1:00 a car drove in and the driver asked me what needed to be done to set up a stand.  I explained ‘home made/ home grown” and $3 is all it takes. As simple as that.

She went back across the road from the market, cut some rhubarb and came back with a card table and gave me $3..  She lives directly across from the market and her rhubarb was selling so well she sent her husband back three times to cut more rhubarb.  She and her husband were laughing and enjoying their market adventure beyond belief. Less than a block away and picked 5 minutes ago is as fresh and as local as you can get!

Folks who entered the drawing for the 5th Friday give away won Magic Market $, and Arts Tribe  cards.  Our give away included the Wisconsin Local Food Marketing guide (featuring the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market on Page 11) to all our vendors who were there on Friday. Stop by the market table any time and we’ll show you one.

We’re hoping the first strawberries of the season will be on deck this Friday.  We will be giving away great strawberry recipes at the table. Stop by and pick up yours.

Larry the Leek–aka Larry the no show leaker, pretty poster boy, mystery man of Lodi market, has yet to make a live appearance at the market.  So who needs Larry?  Tom the tomato, Randy the radish, Harry the honey, and Paul the popcorn came last Friday.  Rumor has it that Sam the strawberry might be coming on Friday June 5th.  Larry my love, you have competition for my affection.

The Lodi Valley Farmer’s Market is held on Friday afternoons from 2 – 6 May through October at the Northern Edge Restaurant, located at N1430 Highway 113, Lodi, WI.

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