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by Gail Lamberty on July 8, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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The Lodi Valley Farmer's Market is held Friday afternoons, April through October in the grassy field next to Koltes Do-It Center, North Main St. (SR 113) in Lodi, WI

Market Manger Gail Lamberty is excited about the Market's season

We moved to the Koltes village green last friday and the vendors came and so did you!!

I knew the market barn was safely in place when Gary N-ski left a message on my phone saying “the eagle has landed.” Well it wasn’t quite as dramatic as landing on the moon, but it certainly was monumental in the history of the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market.

The market has the tradition of being a movable feast, this being the third move in 10 years. This time it wasn’t because of a fire. It was because we had an invitation that was too wonderful to pass up. Thank you to Polly and Dave of Koltes Do It Center for giving us a new home that people really like.

Delightful comments came from vendors and shoppers alike. 26 vendors and many new shoppers initiated our new location. Vendors like the green grass under their feet for a long afternoon. Best comment from vendor “there isn’t a bad location at this market.” Shoppers were equally enthusiastic. They also were happy with the green field underfoot. I think that just confirms that in all circumstances Mother Nature takes first place. Best comment from a shopper “this location is just fabulous.”

Fun plans for the market on Friday. On your way to the Lodi fair, stop by to “talk to the animals.” We’ve got chickens and Norman the miniature goat for you to chat with. If you get the critters to talk back to you, you get a prize.

See you at the market on Friday 2-6 at Koltes village green.

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