A Market-A Musing

by Free Speech on May 7, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI-5/7/09
by Gail Lamberty

Two weeks in a row of beautiful weather for the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market!  What is wrong with me?  The first thing I bought when I found out I would be the site manager was a new yellow rain poncho.  Sorry folks, I’m a real Wisconsin woman, born here and love our state with a passion, but know enough to never trust our weather.  Bit I’m counting on Friday to make it three in a row.

May Day market was exciting.  Lots of vendors with great plants to bed and plants to eat. With watercress and rhubarb on hand you know it is springtime in the Lodi valley.

Friday promises the probability of asparagus and early greens to add to your dinner of bison and seafood.  Your gardens are waiting for the annuals and perennials with a master gardener to answer any questions you might have.  Last week folks were discussing favorite garden books and telling about the planting of the trees they got the week before.

Hot pink for mamas is the order of the day on Friday.  We’ll be giving moms a packet of seeds with a hot pink label wishing them a “Happy Mother’s Day” from the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market.  Stop by to say hello and pick up your seeds.

Larry leaked again…no show again.  Is he really just a pretty boy?  Someone looked at his picture and said he needed a hair cut.  Maybe he overhead that and took a detour for a trim.

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