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by Free Speech on July 29, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
By Gail Lamberty

“Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy rainy day” sang Shelly Pare, Loretta Smith, Beanie Ludlum, and Terri Jozwiak better known as the Main Street Melodies at the market last Friday.  These are some mighty powerful women, because it worked.  Have you seen their shoes?  Imelda Marcos would be jealous. Vendors and shoppers couldn’t help but laugh and smile with them.  It forced the stormy weather into the background.  They were “singing and swinging in the rain” and Gene Kelly would be jealous of their style.  Many thanks to them!!!

Larry the Leek has yet to show his face at the Lodi Farmer's Market, held Friday afternoons in Lodi, WI

Larry the Leek has yet to show his face at the Lodi Farmer's Market, held Friday afternoons in Lodi, WI

What a market last  Friday!  The fields and gardens are putting forth the best of the summer produce and your vendors serve you through rain and wind to bring you their best.  Even with the cement anchors holding down the tents, vendors still had to hang on so they wouldn’t blow into greater down town Lodi.   Our vendors stayed right to the end and shoppers kept coming.  No one wanted to miss that fresh corn and all those tasty vegetables.

Our market specializes in home grown and home made.  Nothing purchased somewhere else and brought in.  You can talk to the vendor about the bees that make the honey, or the bison that roam outside the farmhouse window or the craftsman who makes the wood bend to his will.

Friday will the “5th Friday give away.”  (UW band’s 5th quarter has nothing on us)  For our 5th Friday Jack Barry has most generously donated a beautiful planter he made.  It is gorgeous!  You might be the lucky winner.  Or you could win Magic Market $$ and a few other surprises we have for you.  No cost for you to enter the drawing.  Stop by the market table and throw your name in the pot.

Ah yes, and you were perhaps wondering about Larry the Leek?  So am I!

See you at the market on Friday…….

The Lodi Valley Farmer’s Market is held on Friday afternoons from 2 – 6 May through October at the Northern Edge Restaurant, located at N1430 Highway 113, Lodi, WI.

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1 Marcia Riquelme July 30, 2009 at 9:25 PM

The website to visit is: http://www. danegrassroots.com a site created to provide a helpful base of quality information for citizens, a forum for commentary, and a way to learn about activities we in Wisconsin and across our nation are doing to improve out communities and states.

2 Marcia Riquelme July 30, 2009 at 9:22 PM

If you wish to learn more about Health Care Reform, visit the website listed above and you will find the digested form of the legislation as well as the entire bill: H.R. 3200. There are other helpful and efficient links for your convenience in understanding this legislation and other issues.

3 Marcia Riquelme July 30, 2009 at 9:19 PM

Gee, thanks Lyn, for the very kind comments. Yes, I was one of the HEALTHCARE REFORM RALLY planners and participants. It was a perfect outcome with a great crowd and wonderful speakers. There is little before us that is more momentous than our opportunity to set a long-awaited national healthcare reform into motion. This is a process that will bring desperately needed healthcare to millions of uninsured and underinsured and will actually will cost taxpayers less than the current system does. Follow Lyn’s advice, contact your legislators and request they support HealthCare Reform, and the Public Plan, at the very least, and at the best, Single Payor.

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