Wolf Hunt Still Divides…..by treble lysenko

by Free Speech on September 12, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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Yesterday’s feature story in the Wisconsin State Journal, on the Wolf Hunt in Wisconsin seemed well meaning on the surface, but on close examination followed the old pattern of promoting the notion that the wolf is a danger to humans. Wolves are not “big bad killers”, they are good predators that have a place in this world like all other creatures God has put here.
There are three biases in the story. Firstly, the image shown is of a male grey wolf with piercing eyes, showing it’s teeth in a confrontational manner. You could have shown a female playing with her pups in the sunshine. Secondly you suggest that wolf lovers live in the south while wolf haters live in the north. The stats are misleading. In 10 northern counties 3/4 of the population is about 168,000. In 10 southern counties less than 50% is about 395,000. The conclusion ought to be that over twice as many people in WI. are in favor of protecting the wolf population. Thirdly the last sentence uses the phrase: “letting them run rampant”. This is the most damning statement of all. Fact, wolves do not run rampant! In 2013 North Americans had a 1 in 350 million chance of being killed by a wolf. By comparison, you are 55 times more likely to be hit by lightning, and 1 in 264 million chance of being killed by a shark, in the US.

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