Thai Scholars Visit Lodi Classrooms

by Free Speech on May 25, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, Wisconsin
by Mike Shimshak

Students in Lodi Elementary and Lodi Area Middle School were the beneficiaries of lessons in Thai culture through the visits of Dr. Pikul Leosiripong and Ms. Garunyawun Kainoonsingha. They visited Lodi schools through the Fulbright program. In addition to classroom visits they enjoyed an afternoon “Sock Hop” at Lodi Primary School on Friday.  Our visitors were pleased and surprised to find that Lodi teachers had prepared students to greet them in the traditional Thai manner and using the Thai language. 

A Thai educator interacts with students at Lodi Elementary School

A Thai educator interacts with students at Lodi Elementary School

Students learned about Thai festivals, dances, and customs. Each class also participated in a hands-on art project. Lodi Elementary School teacher Brenda Autz remarked, “Teaching children about cultures other than their own prepares them to be good global citizens.  These guests authentically shared information about their country and provided engaging and fun educational activities.  We spent a morning viewing a beautiful Thai slide show, listening to music, dancing and learning a few new words.  It was an honor to have them in our classroom.”

Ms. Kainoonsingha shows Leslie Erickson how to fold a palm leaf into a decorative fish in Brenda Autz’s grades 3 & 4 multi-age classroom.

Dr. Leosiripong is the Director for one of 22 schools for the deaf and hearing impaired in Thailand . Ms. Kainoonsingha is the Director of the English Language Program in Roi Et, Thailand. Both were guests of District Administrator Mike Shimshak, who has also hosted visitors from Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, and China. “It is my hope that by bringing international guests to our classrooms, students will gain a broader perspective on their world.”

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