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by Free Speech on September 13, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Dear Gentle People,

Please accept my apologies for missing this very special event. My vehicle is just limping along and can’t get the parts to repair it until next week. My last repair was replacing a wheel bearing and it took ten days! Considering that I can live deep in the pointy pines and I’m located so far north I can nearly spit in Lake Superior – I guess these accessibility issues are to be expected.

Anyway, I am imaging how delectable the food is this evening and I am reminded that the Up North translation for “gourmet” is “Cheez Whiz with Pimento.” I would have enjoyed every bite.

As everyone knows, I hold the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market in deep affection. It has been a community project that has embraced all that is good about local food and all that is good about people. It is hard to imagine how much fresh food has appeared on area tables because of the market in the past decade. It is humbling to know how many people have benefited from the donations at the market barn through the Lodi Food Pantry.

Hearty congratulations to you all! Pass the chicken vesulia!

With Warm Regards … Peg Zaemisch

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