Padley Pleads for Crystal Lake Assistance

by Free Speech on April 23, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI-4/23/09

I’m sure all of you are aware of the problem we are having here at Crystal Lake with the high water.  We formed a lake district 4 years ago and installed a pumping system in Fish Lake that by our 5 years of study before says would solve our problem.  In the three years since we completed building the system we have never been allowed to used it full-time.  So when it started raining hard in August of 2007, we could only watch as the water rose dramatically.  We finally, just this week, have the go ahead to start the Fish Lake pump.  However this will offer no immediate relief for the residents of Crystal Lake.

We received an emergency permit to pump Crystal Lake water to the Roxbury Creek.  This project will cost $200,000, and we have no money for it.  FEMA and the State of Wisconsin have no funds for us due to the budget crisis. An almost identical pumping project at Genesee Lake in Waukesha County last year received 87.5% of the total cost in government funds.  We get nothing. We cannot borrow any more money due to state statutes governing the operation of lake districts limiting borrowing to 5% of assessed evaluation. The total tax valuation of the entire district is only $8,000,000, and if you take out the two campgrounds, it is less than $110,000/per riparian owner.

These are not million dollar lake homes we are trying to save.  We already have $350,000 in long term debt from the original pump that we weren’t allowed to use until now.  Dane County has just informed us that they will purchase the pump we need now for us and that reduces what we need  to $160,000, which is still far more than we have.  So with no government funds and no funding options of our own, we are turning to friends and neighbors.  We have started a donation fund at the Bank of Prairie Du Sac for those individuals and businesses that would like to help us.

Most of the lake district residents have lived here all their lives, many are third generation, and have had decades long dealings with the local businesses in the Lodi and Sauk-Prairie area. Many have even worked for them.  Our immediate need is for $105,000 for 2.5 miles of pipe.  We need this in the next two weeks.  So we are asking for your help.  Any help you give us toward reaching this goal will be GREATLY appreciated.  Donations should be made out to the “Crystal Lake Emergency Fund” c/o Bank of Prairie Du Sac, P.O. Box 130, Prairies Du Sac, WI, 53578.  Thank you for your consideration.

Dave Padley
Secretary, Crystal-Fish-Mud Lake Rehabilitation District

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